Specific reading / reports

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EV outlook 2020

https://bnef.turtl.co/story/evo-2020/?teaser=yes BNEF report about alternative fuel vehicles, energy and emissions, batteries, and charging infrastructure.

Global EV outlook

https://www.iea.org/reports/global-ev-outlook-2020 IEA yearly reports about the development of EV charging infrastructure deployment, prices of batteries, and global forecast.
T&E charging report https://www.transportenvironment.org/publications/recharge-eu-how-many-charge-points-will-eu-countries-need-2030 T&E in-depth report about the most important topics of the charging industry including suggestions for revision of the Alternative Fuel Directive.
IEA Hydrogen report https://www.iea.org/reports/the-future-of-hydrogen Probably the most detailed, data-driven, and independent analyses of the hydrogen economy. International Energy Agency produced this landmark report to analyses the current state of play for hydrogen and to offer guidance on its future development.

Decarbonization pathways for EU economy

https://cdn.eurelectric.org/media/3172/decarbonisation-pathways-electrificatino-part-study-results-h-AD171CCC.pdf The potential for electrification is substantial across energy-using sectors and will underpin the deep decarbonization of the economy. Deep decarbonization is by implication an electrification journey. Electrification is the most direct, effective, and efficient way of reaching the decarbonization objectives.
Electricity Map https://www.electricitymap.org/map The Electricity Map is the world map of amounts of greenhouse gases that are emitted for each unit of electricity consumed in various countries (its carbon intensity). It includes also arrows between the areas to indicate the physical flow (imports and exports) of electricity between countries.
Ročenka elektromobility 2020 https://www.pcrevue.sk/a/Elektromobilita-2020—Vsetko–co-potrebujete-vediet-o-elektromobilite-v-SR


Everything about e-mobility in SK issued by Digital Visions (PC Revue) – January 2020
CleanTechnica https://cleantechnica.com/ CleanTechnica is a US-based website dedicated to aggregating news in clean technology, especially sustainable energy and electric cars including those from Tesla.
Transport&Environment https://www.transportenvironment.org/ Europe’s leading clean transport campaign group.

Transport & Environment’s (T&E) vision is a zero-emission mobility system that is affordable and has minimal impacts on our health, climate, and environment.