A collection of frequently asked questions

Using GreenWay chargers

What is required to use the GreenWay network?

To use the charging service of the GreenWay network, you must register. During registration, you must provide your payment card details, from which we will collect payments for services. After that, all you have to do is download our app, log in and you can already use our network.

Where and how can I find information about GreenWay chargers?

You will find up-to-date information on functioning chargers and the availability of chargers and individual connectors in the mobile app.

How to start charging?

You can use one of the following methods to start charging:

Log in to the mobile app, search for the correct location, select the correct cable and, once connected to the charger, start charging by selecting the „Confirm and start charging” button.

Once connected to the correct cable, put your RFID card to the RFID card reader to start charging and follow the instructions on the charger (option only available for full registration).

How to stop charging?

To end charging:

In the mobile app, in the window indicating the charging status, select the „End Charging” button. Then disconnect the cable from the car.

Apply the RFID card to the charger reader and press the „End Charging”  button. After this action, you can disconnect the cable from the car (option only available for full registration).

How can I stop charging in an emergency situation?

In emergency situations, you will stop charging immediately by pushing the red emergency button located under the display screen of each charger. However, remember – use it only in health or life-threatening situations! It is not to be used to stop the charging process.

If you have a problem with ending the charging session then please contact the GreenWay Support Centre on +48 58 325 10 77.

At what time are chargers available in the GreenWay network?

The vast majority of chargers is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A detailed description of the availability of each charger can be found on the map and in the mobile app. Stations that are not available at a given time are marked in grey in the Client Zone.

Is parking free?

Most of our chargers are located in public spaces, in free parking lots. GreenWay doesn’t collect information on paid parking and isn’t responsible for informing you of possible parking charges.

Personal data

Storing and using your data

Your personal data that administrate has been voluntarily provided to us during the registration process. We will securely store and use your data for the purpose of carrying out the charging service on our chargers, including the charging process itself, handling your requests and the billing process. We will also use your data for internal analyses aimed at better adapting our offer to clients, including for customer segmentation. We guarantee that your personal data used for these analyses will remain only our internal information and will not be transferred outside of our company. Your data will not be processed automatically in the sense of the GDPR, including the form of profiling. If you have agreed to receive the newsletter or other promotional materials, we will additionally use your data (name, surname, email address) for marketing purposes related only to our offer. Your personal data will be kept for the duration of the service and for the aging of claims related to it or until your consent is withdrawn.

Forwarding your data

In our company, we use secure IT systems that are managed by entities from the Voltia Group, to which we belong, and in particular by GreenWay Infrastructure s.r.o. based in Dohňany, Slovakia. It means that your data may be transferred to these entities, but they will not be processed and used to the extent that it goes beyond the consents granted to us, and will not be transferred to third parties.

View and management of your data

Your personal data is available on the Customer Portal at https://client.greenwaypolska.pl/.You can view this data and make corrections here. At any time, you can also ask us for insight, change, deletion of data, limiting their processing, you can also object to the way we process data by writing to the email address [email protected] or using the application form on the website www.greenwaypolska.pl. Remember that you have the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body if you believe that the processing of your personal data violates generally applicable laws.

GreenWay network registration

How can I register?

You can register in the Client Zone. During registration, in addition to providing your personal data and vehicle information, you will need to provide your payment card details for verification, enabling fee collection.

Can I register as a company?

For company registration, select the “Company” option in the registration form. If the company has at least five electric vehicles, please contact our sales department through the website before registration.

Can I register without providing my car registration number?

Yes. Vehicle details are not mandatory. You can update or change the information at any time in the Client Zone. However, providing information about the car you drive will help us to deliver better services.

My car model is not on the list in the registration form, how can I register?

If your model is not listed in the form, select “Other” and fill in the fields according to your car.

I have multiple electric cars. How can I register to get several cards?

You can order additional RFID cards in the Client Zone, in the “RFID Cards” tab. The cost of one card is 10 PLN. However, remember that according to our regulations, one RFID card can be used only by one driver. To activate more cards on the same account, you will need to create new drivers.

If you have any problems with your order or have any questions, please feel free to contact our GreenWay Support Center at +48 58 325 10 77.

I live permanently abroad. Can I register?

The GreenWay network can be used by anyone who passes the registration process, there are no restrictions based on residence or citizenship. We also send RFID cards abroad.

How can I change or correct the data provided during registration?

You can update or change the information provided during registration at any time on the Client Zone.

It is not possible to convert an account from an individual account to a company account. In this case, register a new account.

Can I use the charger one time (without registration)?

Yes. To use one-time charging, visit the website and find the appropriate location, select the correct connector, and after connecting to the charger, start by clicking “Use as One-time Charging.” After entering your payment card details, we will temporarily block 100 PLN in your account. After the charging process is complete, the amount will be unblocked, and the correct amount for that charging session will be deducted from your account.

Using an RFID card

What is an RFID card used for and how much does it cost to get one?

The RFID card is only used to start and stop the charging session. It is not a payment card.

You can order an RFID card at any time in the Client Zone under the “RFID Cards” tab. The one-time fee for ordering the card is 10 PLN.

How and when is the RFID card sent?

The RFID card is shipped via the Polish Postal Service within 7 business days after ordering it. Remember, it may take a few days longer to deliver the card if you live abroad.

What if I don't receive the card for a very long time?

The RFID card should reach you within 10 business days within Poland. A few days longer if it’s shipping internationally.

If the card still hasn’t reached you after this time, we can resend it. Contact the GreenWay Support Center on this matter via phone +48 58 325 10 77 or email [email protected].

What can I do if my RFID card is lost/destroyed?

Remember to take care of your card, as the issuance of a duplicate is charged according to the current price list. However, if your card has been damaged or lost, contact the GreenWay Support Center, phone +48 58 325 10 77 or email [email protected]. In such a situation, you can start or stop charging using the mobile application.

What if the charger does not authorize my card?

Use the mobile app to start charging. In case of any irregularities, you can always call the GreenWay Support Center at +48 58 325 10 77.

Can I start charging without a card?

Yes, charging can also be started using the mobile app.

Using GreenWay app

What can I do in the mobile app?

On the mobile app you can for e.g.:

  • Check available chargers and cables
  • Start and stop charging of the car
  • Check the car’s charge status
  • Check your previous charging sessions

What do the colors on the map in the mobile app mean?

Green means that the charger or the cable is available. Grey is used when the cable or the entire station is occupied. Out-of-operation chargers are marked in red.

What can I do in the Client Zone?

On the Client Zone you can for e.g.:

  • Review and update your data, data of your car, drivers data and data about payment card
  • Check session history
  • Check, pay and download invoices
  • Activate discount codes
  • Order an RFID card
  • Change the price plan

How can I log in to the Client Zone?

Go to the Client Zone tab in the main menu of GreenWay website. Use the e-mail address and password you set during the registration process. The access data is the same for both the mobile application and the Client Zone.

What should I do if I don’tt remember the password for the Client Zone?

After entering the Client Zone, select the “I forgot my password” option. After entering your e-mail address, you will receive a message within a few minutes that will allow you to create a new password.

Prices and billing of services

What is the price of charging at GreenWay stations?

You can check the current price at a specific station by selecting it in the mobile application or on the station map. After logging in, you will see the prices that apply to your subscription plan.

How do I pay for charging?

You can pay for charging services using a payment card, the details of which are entered during registration. Payment is automatically deducted from the card when the invoice is issued. You can change the payment card at any time in the Client Zone, under the Account Settings/Manage Payment tab.
On some of our chargers there is also the possibility of payment by card.

How is the value of charging services calculated?

The final price of the charging service is the sum of the fee for the energy used during charging and additional fee for charging time exceeding a specified time limit.

Will I receive an invoice, and when?

Registered customers receive an electronic invoice via email once a month (always by the 10th of the month). The invoice includes the settlement of all charging sessions for the previous month and the subscription fee for the current month (for Energia Max and Energia Plus plans). Registered customers also have access to the Client Zone, where all invoices and details of individual charging sessions are available.

Is it profitable for me to switch to a paid subscription plan?

It depends on the amount of energy consumed monthly. For those who use our network occasionally, the Energia Standard plan is optimal. For customers charging between 60 and 260 kWh per month, the optimal plan is Energia Plus. Those who use the service more frequently should switch to the Energia Max plan, which provides the lowest fees for a large amount of monthly energy consumption.

How can I change the pricing plan?

You can do it in the Client Zone. If there is only one driver on your account, you can change the plan in the “Account Settings” tab. If you have more than one driver, plan changes can be made in the “Drivers” tab.

When can I change the plan?

Changing from the Energia Standard subscription plan to Energia Plus or Energia Max is possible at any time and takes effect immediately. The condition for changing the plan is to pay the subscription fee in advance for the period from the date of the plan change to the end of the current month. The fee is calculated proportionally to the number of remaining days in the month.

In the case of using the Energia Plus or Energia Max plan, changing the subscription is possible from the first day of the following month, provided you have used the Energia Plus or Energia Max plan for at least one full calendar month.

See the full rules for changing plans in the current price list.

What fees will be involved in changing from a subscription plan to a paid one?

Subscription fees in the Energia Plus and Energia Max plans are charged in advance. After changing the plan to a paid one, the amount due will be calculated proportionally to the remaining days in the month. It will be immediately deducted from the payment card added to the Client Zone.

Are my payment card details secure?

The data is stored by our billing partners, TPay, and Braintree, which implement top-notch security measures to limit any risks associated with the use of card data. GreenWay does not have access to payment card data.

Roaming services

What is roaming?

Roaming allows you to use the chargers (R) of GreenWay cooperating networks in Poland and abroad. If you are a registered customer, with roaming and our RFID card, you can travel freely and comfortably throughout Europe.

Where can I check which stations are available for roaming?

You can find stations of networks cooperating with GreenWay (roaming stations) on the station map on the website and in the mobile app, after activating the “Show roaming stations” filter. Roaming stations are marked with the letter R on the map.

What do I need to charge with roaming?

In order to charge at GreenWay-affiliated network stations, all you need is an RFID card that will be used to start and stop the charging session.

How to check the prices for roaming chargers?

For the Energy Standard plan, you will check the price in the mobile app or on the chargers map. You will check the applicable price on a given connector after logging in to your account, going to the details of the location and selecting the connector you are interested in.

Roaming prices in Energia Plus and Energia Max plans are the same as in Poland thanks to the “Roam like at home” principle. You can check the current price list for details.

Roaming charges will be included in your invoice as a separate item. Payment will be charged at the time of invoicing from the payment card added to your account.

Technical questions

What charging standards can be found at GreenWay stations?

Our chargers support DC charging standards: CCS (Combo), CHAdeMO and AC Type 2. AC Type 2 points can have their own cable or socket. You will find detailed information on the available connectors in our mobile app or in the Client Zone.

What is the charging power at GreenWay stations?

You can check the power of each connected in our mobile app or the Client Zone. You will also find stickers on the DC stations indicating the maximum power.

What determines the maximum charging power at GreenWay stations?

The maximum charging power depends on many factors. These are: limitations resulting from the car’s technical capabilities, battery charge (the higher it is, the lower the charging power), the ambient temperature (in case of negative temperatures the charging power is lower), and charging several cars simultaneously on one charger.

What should I do if my plug doesn’t match any cable in a GreenWay chargers? Is it possible to buy an adapter?

If the plug does not fit any of the connector types, you can use a special adapter. The most common is the Type 1 adapter to Type 2. You can buy them on the open market or ask your car manufacturer for one.

At the same time, the use of the adapter may affect the charging power depending on its type, maximum operating parameters, compatibility with the vehicle and the quality of manufacture and materials used, which are related to the safety of use.

Claims for charging services provided by the adapter will not be accepted.

Is it possible to charge several cars at the same time?

You can charge several cars simultaneously at all our stations. However, their number depends on the settings used by manufacturer.

The number of available charging points also depends on the number of available parking spaces.

How long does it take to charge the car on GreenWay chargers?

Typically, recharging up to 80% of the battery capacity with a power of up to 50 kW takes up to 30 minutes. However, in reality, the charging time depends on many factors and it is difficult to clearly determine the time needed to complete it. These factors include, first of all, the selected type of charging (DC or alternating AC), battery capacity, state of charge, ambient temperature, and whether another car is charging at the same time.

Why does my car's charging power drop when charging?

The charging power decreases as the battery charge increases. When charging more than  80% of the battery capacity, the decrease of the pace and charging power is very rapid. The charging power will also decrease when another car is connected to the charger during the charging process.

Can I control the state of charge of my car?

Yes. Information about the charging time, current power and the energy transferred is displayed on the charger screen. Remotely, you can follow the progress of charging from the mobile app and the  Client Zone after starting the charge using this tool.

Will the charger disconnect itself when the car is charged?

No, the charger will not disconnect by itself. You have to finish charging using the RFID card or using the mobile app or the Client Zone. Only then can you safely disconnect the cable from the car’s socket. There is no risk of disconnecting the car too late from the charger – the battery will not be overcharged because the battery management system is watching over it. However, if you leave the car connected to the charger for a long time, you can be billed an additional charge for minutes.

Do I have to drive away immediately after charging my car?

If you leave your car connected to the charger for a long time, you risk an additional charge for minutes, charged when the time limits specified in the price list are exceeded.

Free connection time: AC recharging point – 600 minutes, DC recharging point – 60 minutes.

After exceeding this time, the rate for minutes: 0,40 PLN/minute.

Can I charge my car during rain / snow and during a storm?

Yes, charging is possible even in unfavorable weather conditions, because our chargers are equipped with a protection system against external factors.

Does the ambient temperature affect the charging speed and power?

Yes, lower temperatures reduce the charging speed & power.

Customer Service

What to do when I urgently need assistance with a charger?

For any damages, malfunctions, or issues occurring during charging, it is best to report them by calling the GreenWay Support Center at +48 58 325 10 77 or by using the chat available in the mobile application and on the website.

What are the working hours of the GreenWay Support Center, and how can I contact them?

The GreenWay Support Center operates 24/7, 7 days a week. You can contact the center by calling +48 58 325 10 77 or by sending an email to [email protected]. Contact is also possible via chat available on our website or in the mobile application.

What should I do if a parking place at the charger is occupied by a non-electric car?

In such situations, it is advisable to contact the police or municipal guard directly. Our parking places are marked with the D-18a sign indicating spaces for electric cars during charging. According to current regulations, this signage is sufficient for the appropriate authorities to react and even issue a fine.