Charging in brief

Below we present a prepared comparative table of our charging stations.

Depending on their parameters, we distinguish three types of chargers:

  • AC stations – these are slow charging stations with a power of up to 22 kW. They are usually chosen as home chargers because they are light, take up little space, and can be mounted on the wall. These stations charge vehicles with alternative current (AC).
  • Fast charging stations – the power of fast chargers varies from 25kW to 50kW. The most common stations in our network are chargers from Delta and Efacec. They are perfect for the main routes, because they offer 3 types of connectors most popular in Europe, thus making it possible to charge most electric cars travelling on European roads.
  • Ultra-fast charging stations – these are chargers that offer charging power up to 150kW. Like fast-charging stations, ultrafast chargers charge vehicles with direct current (DC). Due to the power they offer, vehicles are charged in a relatively short time, so those chargers should be located mainly on highways.

However, the charging time depends on each vehicles’ battery.

Knowing the parameters of our vehicle, we can use the formula below to calculate it:

Charging time = battery capacity / charging power